Sunday, May 10, 2009

Power MashUp

Barack Obama, reveling in presidential power and influence, a onetime member of the Italian Communist Party, believes “the power of prayer and spirituality will give… Mercy". Power to force intervention as a former performing mime, Madonna relying on power of prayer became an insider’s badge of belonging. African country's Supreme Court of Appeal judges will hear her avid arguments. Starchitects the 50-year-old Miuccia Prada an ardent feminist, Obama in same league, assured legacy at top by appropriating classic designs. Rem Koolhaas, his democratic party push through ambitious plans while engaged in internal struggle with the Milanese elite led the country to victory, like and Herzog & de Meuron, most compelling cultural exports, in cities like New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo. Hiring world class Political capital, Obama, a global franchise, says exploration into pop cultural realms is power.





Perspective Fx3 -Single Point

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

UT pics

Mercury Vapour

High density urban environs, coloured blue by light. It is not the lit sufaces, rather the hue of the resulting showdow that is cooled. Ever noticed how artificial light is hardly ever warm and welcoming, particularly fluorescent, Metal Halide and Mercury Vapor. Photogaphers need to use special film to correct effects of artificial lighting in certain circumstances. In the right conditions even natural moonlight can commute this cool feeling. Classic horror flims have been very resourseful in utilising particular lighting to best effect. This Conté illustration could be of a high rise city or just as easily, the CPU of some computer? We identify with particular imagery because it resonates with us. It makes sense to us? To attempt to think in a way that is outside your mental box is a challenge and one thats takes time and practice to delvelop. I see this image as being useful to me for the reasons mentioned above, also, I hope I can incorporate some of it's subtle sense and feeling into my UT project..

Combined Axonometrics

Monday, April 6, 2009

Experiment 2 - Client Quotes


"Home is where I work, and I work everywhere"



"People protect what they love"



"I just want to know how everything works"